Allesley Hall Primary School

Allesley Hall Primary School

Skills for Life

At AHPS we are very proud of our ‘Skills for Life’ curriculum. Skills for life is a dedicated part of our week where we develop a range of skills and expose the children to learning opportunities beyond the national curriculum. We firmly believe that every child has talents and strengths that we want to celebrate, nurture and grow. Often these talents can be outside of the classroom. Our skills for life curriculum will give opportunities to develop and explore new talents and develop skills that will last a lifetime…

Over the next 18 months your children will experience blocks of learning that will range from First Aid to Cookery to Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning. Children in Reception and Year 1 will work together developing new friendships and children from Years 2 – 6 will be mixed too. This will allow new friendships to grow and children of all ages to learn from each other and value each other.

Our aim is to develop the whole child at Allesley Hall and to ensure they have the skills and confidence to take their next steps in education and into adulthood.

Here is an outline of some of our skills for life sessions...

Outdoor Adventurers 

Children from Reception and Year 1 will be outdoors exploring our wonderful environment here at Allesley Hall. They will become outdoor adventurers where they will develop further their social skills, their physical development, their resilience and self-confidence and most importantly have fun through play and engaging with the great outdoors!



Yoga and Mindfulness

Children will be taught the importance of relaxation. They will learn yoga positions and poses and learn how to relax and understand the value of taking time to ‘breathe’ to support their well being and their emotional regulation.


Movie Making

Children will become movie makers using the IPads and movie making programmes. They will be inspired by a topic that they will have to understand and create a movie for – this will culminate in a showcase of their movies that they will share and celebrate together.




Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Our children will need to work together in this session. They will develop their speaking, listening and communication skills to ensure they can work as a team. Through fun challenges they will understand the value of teamwork. They will value everyone’s voice and indeed find their own voice to truly succeed.


The Great Allesley Hall Sewing Bee

The children will develop their sewing skills with the aim of creating a final patchwork quilt that every child will have contributed to across Years 2 – 6. They will design their section and develop and apply a range of sewing skills to create their final piece of a whole school creation.



Our children will have the opportunity to develop their cookery skills during ‘MasterChef’. Each week they will create a different food using chopping, mixing and cookery skills. They will also be taught the importance of food hygiene and how they can help with this. Children will be bringing home some of their creations home to share too! 



How to Save a Life

Children will be taught the basics of first aid during these sessions. They will explore how to keep themselves safe, how to give basic first aid in different situations, know when and how to get help and what to do in an emergency. They will also explore the practical elements of bandages, plasters and slings.


Outdoor Adventures

Children from Years 2 – 6 will develop their skills as outdoors adventurers by experiences such as developing our garden area to creating camp fires in the dell. They will develop our outdoor environment by making habitats and places for wildlife and nature to grow and thrive.