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Maths at AHPS - Parent Guides

We have added our methods and strategies for calculations on this page. These are parent guides to support parents in helping with their children's maths calculations at home. 

Your children are used to these methods... let them take the lead... 

Year 1 

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4 

Year 5 

Year 6 

Websites to support Maths     KS1      KS2

Visual Maths Aids



The 99 Club

At school the children regularly revisit and practise their multiplication tables. This is essential in developing their mathematical fluency and confidence. We do this in many ways... one is practise practise practise of the 99 club. You could try this at home...

22 Club

33 Club

44 Club

55 Club

66 Club

77 Club

88 Club 

99 Club

10 Club

11 Club

Remember that this is timed... this is about rapid recall and fluency of known facts