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Maths - Curriculum INTENT at AHPS 

At AHPS our Maths curriculum is designed to build year on year in order to achieve to end of Key Stage Outcomes. The aims of the curriculum are to ensure that all pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics, are able to demonstrate the depth of understanding through coherent reasoning and apply their knowledge to problem solving.

In Early Years we aim to build firm foundations in numbers to 10 by putting them in context in an enriching and engaging environment. Children are regularly exposed to numbers in a wide range of contexts and this enables them to become confident in basic numbers skills as they move into Key Stage 1.

Progressing to Key Stage 1, children develop an understanding of Visual Maths to further support their knowledge of mathematical concepts using concrete and pictorial strategies which support children’s conceptual understanding. This provides them with a solid foundation of number and number facts which bridges the gap to the abstract. In Year 2, the sequence of concrete, pictorial, abstract is embedded to allow children to have a good understanding of the procedures and concepts taught. Regular opportunities to apply mathematical language are provided throughout Key Stage 1 and lessons are planned and adapted to ensure challenge at all levels.

Through Key Stage 2, the CPA approach is continued, and concepts are practised and revised for long-tern acquisition. This is planned alongside a cohesive sequence of learning that links fluency in mathematical concepts together and provides challenge at all levels through regular reasoning and problem-solving opportunities.

Progress is recorded by continual assessment through Skills Gap Analysis Grids which are then used to plan next steps and identify areas to re-visit. Opportunities to consolidate learning are provided through homework and as part of ‘Fluency for Five’ at the start of each Maths lesson.

Children leave our school as confident mathematicians who are able to make links with other curriculum areas.

AHPS Maths Policy 


AHPS Maths Calculations Policy 


Maths Guides

We have created simplified guides to calculations from years 1 - 6 

We hope these help guide families in supporting their children with maths at home

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5 

Year 6 

Our Learning Together Sessions are extra opportunities for families to see how we do maths in school. Don't forget to attend those throughout the year - this is a great opportunity to work alongside your child to really understand how they learn. 

Visual Maths Aids



99 Club 

At school the children regularly revisit and practise their multiplication tables. This is essential in developing their mathematical fluency and confidence. We do this in many ways... one is practise practise practise of the 99 club. You could try this at home...

22 Club

33 Club

44 Club

55 Club

66 Club

77 Club

88 Club 

99 Club

10 Club

11 Club

Bronze Club

Silver Club

Gold Club

Remember that this is timed... this is about rapid recall and fluency of known facts