Allesley Hall Primary School

Allesley Hall Primary School


Friday Family Celebration Assemblies

We hold regular celebration assemblies at school where parents are invited into school on a Friday to share in their children's success. We talk about how proud we are of the children and refer to our Allesley Hall Core Values of ATTITUDE HELPFULNESS PERSEVERANCE SUCCESS to exemplify their success and achievements.

Singing Assembly 

Our teachers lead us in weekly singing assemblies. This is a lovely time to come together and enjoy the music and meaning of songs as a whole school. 

Reading Assembly 

We place a high value on reading at Allesley Hall. We have weekly assemblies in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 where we will all enjoy a book together. The children all have a choice and an opinion on the chosen text through a voting system. It is an opportunity for children to enjoy being read too and to develop a love of story and reading. We want the children to experience books read with expression and enthusiasm by our staff, to really live and immerse themselves in a quality story. It is also an opportunity to expose our children to a diversity of texts that they might not necessarily choose 

Achievement Assembly

Our Assistant Head teachers Miss Marrs and Mrs Mulhall lead a weekly assembly celebrating the whole schools achievements. In this assembly we celebrate team points, caught being good tickets, home achievements such as awards from swimming lessons or dance lessons, attendance successes and the 'secret teacher' class award... We also celebrate children demonstrating our core values. 

One Day... Assemblies

We invite visitors into these assemblies to talk to all of our children. These visitors may be from all walks of life such as gardeners, sports people, shop keepers, plumbers, doctors, nurses, TV production workers and many many more. The aim of these assemblies is to open our children's minds and experiences to the range of opportunities that are out there to them as they get older. We want them to know they can be whatever they want to be... To raise their future aspirations...One Day they might be...

Everyone Different... Everyone Unique Assemblies

We invite visitors in to school from a range of back grounds to talk to our children so that they have an understanding of the diversity of the world around them. We want the children to understand the diverse world they live in and have an understanding of how our differences make us all unique and special. We want the children to understand and respect the differences within our community and the wider world.